"When one loves one's Art, no service seems too hard."~ O. Henry

Shop rate for gunsmithing services is $80/hour. Some common requests are listed below, but if you have a specialty job that is not listed, please don't hesitate to call or stop by for an estimate. Prices do not reflect cost of parts.

Hot Bluing Services

Standard diassembly/reassembly fee of $50 applies to assembled firearms

Standard rebluing- removal of old finish/rust

Barrel only rifle or shotgun- $75

Pump/Auto shotgun or rifle- $160

Lever action- $190

Semi-auto pistols/Revolvers- $145

Bolt Action/Single shot rifle or shotgun- $145

Hot bluing with metal reconditioning/scratch and pitting removal

Add $75 to standard hot bluing cost

Hot bluing with high grade finish or polished finish

Add $150 to standard hot bluing cost

Rust Bluing Services

Recommended for all Double Gun Barrels

Shotgun Barrels- Starting at $225

Bolt Rifle- Starting at $300

Custom rifle built to your specifications- Price by request

You decide the action type, barrel length and contour, cartridge, stock fit to you and etc. It's your rifle build it the way that you want it!

Refurbishing/Customization (complete)- Price by request

Bring new life to that well used heirloom or have that brand new firearm touched up just the way that you want it.

Scope mounting, bore sighting and rings lapped (aluminum)- $40

This step can make or break your rifle. Don't let an improperly mounted scope ruin your experience with your hunting rifle, long range target rifle or even your scoped pistols.

Stock refinishing- $150/$200 for Trueoil, varnish, linseed, tung and other traditional finishes. Hand rubbed oil finishes start at $250+ depending on the desired finish and stock.

If your rifle or shotgun has seen better days, give it make over. We have a range of stock finishing options to bring that well worn companion back to life and beauty.

Gun cleaning, complete disassembly, and reassembly, copper removal, Safety, and function check included

Semiauto pistol- $40


Double shotguns and over/under-$95

Pump and auto shotgun- $75

Semi-auto rifle- $75

Bolt Action Rifle- $65

Safety, function, headspace check- $40
Clean, headspace, safety check, history check, appraisal and certificate of condition- $80

Rifle Special Options

Barrel Threading- $95

Custom Muzzle Brake- $115

Re-crown barrel- $50

Glass bedding- $100

Glass bedding and pillars- $150

Custom ammunition load development (testing custom loads to find the most accurate loading for your rifle. This takes time.)- $240

Barrel Replacement-$150 (approximation depending on action type, barrel not included)

Full Rifle Accurizing package: $450

Inspect chamber for proper head space.
Lap locking lugs within the tolerance allowed by headspace
Recrown barrel 11 deg target crown
Steel Pillar and Glass Bed receiver and floor plate
Free-float barrel
Tune Trigger
Check all mounting hardware and torques, lap scope rings for perfect contact and concentricity, Level scope, mount rail level onto base or onto scope
Sight in, group and record target data